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Today we found out some really great info. We wont let you in on all the details yet, but we will shortly. There are going to be some exciting things coming to life here at 2010CSSC. Just keep checking back and you shall see. We have seojus helping us out and you can be sure they will get the job done, and right the first time. We have experienced a few difficulties lately, but those are now behind us. We are now focusing on the design and marketing phase here. We have all the content that the site needs, and we will be adding that a little bit each day. We really don’t want to post everything at once, because we want people to absorb what they read and not be overwhelmed with data.As for the design, we have WebRaven and seojus to help us out. you will see some changes coming up, and we hope everyone likes it. Our Internet marketing goals are high, and we believe that SEOjus can achieve these for us. Both in SEO and PPC Campaigns. From what we can see, they are doing a really great job so far. They have increase our traffic by 200% so far and it has only been a few weeks. They are increasing our organic search rankings daily, with no decrease at all. We are thrilled with the service they have shown so far, and the sky is the limit with them. Initially we started with a little PPC campaign, not much, but enough to get some traffic our way. We have decreased that campaign a little as our natural seo is kicking in and moving up daily. Pretty soon we will not need that PPC deal anymore. We think it will be another few weeks for that, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that. We plan to have SEOjus work for us on a full time basis, for as long as we are around. That should be forever, hopefully 😉

As we have said before, we have some pretty cool things in the works. Some new code, new designs, new technology, new everything. That we will be updating to the site once or twice a week. Our info here is free to use if you wish, no strings attached. You can check out our Terms page for more info on that topic. We do appreciate you mentioning us if you do use our data, however it is not mandatory. It would be appreciated though. So that’s about it for now, stay tuned for some fantastic stuff coming up really soon. If you are looking for a awesome SEO Team then check out this seo delray beach company for more information. We promise that you will like them and be completely satisfied with their work. And if you want a super duper price from them, then mention seeing them on this site. Ok, take care and see you soon!