Getting Your Bathtub Refinished by Resurfacing Tub

Posted by on March 30, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Getting Your Bathtub Refinished by Resurfacing Tub

Good morning everyone, thank you again for being such loyal readers of our business reviews. Today we are doing a quick introduction of a local service business that does bathtub refinishing also knows as bathtub resurfacing. This company is a one or two man show and they happen to do excellent work. The company is called Resurfacing Tub and they are based out of Coral Springs Florida, but they do most of their work in Fort Lauderdale. We met the owner about a year ago when we had some tubs that needed work and they came out to clean and fix them up. Since first meeting them we have hired and used them over five times so far and every time they do a excellent job, with no errors at all. There is nothing at all bad that we can say about them or their work. We use them every time we buy a property and need to get the bathtubs refinished so they look like they are brand new. They have exceeded our expectations each and every time and we do not say that lightly. Besides their fantastic work, their pricing is very affordable when compared to other local companies and their competitors. I always recommend this company whenever anyone asks who I use to get my tubs resurfaced. These guys will bust their butts to get the job done for you in a timely manner but not by sacrificing the quality of work at all.

If you or anyone you know has some bathtubs that need to be fixed up then please tell them about Resurfacing Tub. They will take care of chips, cracks, fading, or any type of war and tear that you can think of when it comes to bathtubs. You will definitely be satisfied with their work, and that we can say from our experience using them many times.