A Site Just Posted A Great Sub Ohm Tank Review

Posted by on June 21, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on A Site Just Posted A Great Sub Ohm Tank Review

Afternoon, this is going to be a really quick post about a site that has written an excellent review on one of the latest vape products that have hit the shelves, online and in stores. The Best Vape which is one of the leading website for vape reviews just posted their TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank Review and I know a lot of people will be reading it soon. The new SMOK Tank has been generating a lot of buzz lately and only a few people around the US have it in their hands. The main people who currently have the tank are the YouTube reviewers of course. There have been lots of video reviews of this tank popping up over the past week or so. As far as online shops and B&M’s go, there are only about 5 that currently have it in stock. Many people are saying that it’s a fantastic tank and some people are not that thrilled. In our opinion the tank is for people who love lots of clouds, but it’s not the best for the flavor chasers out there. The guys over at The Best Vape agree with me on that, so I know I am not going crazy. If you like reading reviews of vape products that are about to be release then we suggest you check out their site often and sign up for their email list as well. That way you will be notified when they post new reviews or about specials and deals that shops are having that you definitely do not want to miss. We check their site daily because we know that when they do write a new article or review that it is going to be excellently written, completely honest, and to the point. SO we said it was going to be really quick and we kept that promise. This post is over, make sure to have a great day. Keep checking back for more reviews of websites and business’s.