What Is CSS

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Most of you already know, but CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.  It is a style sheet language that controls the appearance and formatting of whatever markup is being used. It is applied to this markup language to change the style of web pages that are written in HTML and XHTML. It can be applied to any type of XML document though. It can edit the layout, font, text, color, and overall appearance of these web pages. It give much more flexibility and adds a lot of control over what the output will be on the site. Most of the time there will be a link in the HTML to the external CSS Style Sheet, which reduces the code in the HTML page. For more detailed information on CSS please visit this CSS Wikipedia page.

A CSS rule has two main parts: a selector and a declaration. The selector is the item you want to edit or modify. The declaration consists of a property and a value. The property is the style and the value is what your changing it to. Here is a example.

body {background-color:red;}

body = selector | background-color = property | red = value

The result of this would be: the background color of the body would be red

Pretty easy right? Well this is an example of a fairly simple line of CSS Code. there are much more complex ones that we will address later. But we wanted to just show you what a basic line of CSS would look like.

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