The SEO Company We Chose To Use

Posted by on March 25, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on The SEO Company We Chose To Use

Everyone know that there are so many SEO Companies out there it’s hard to choose which one you want to use. Luckily for us, we were told about a really really Florida SEO Company that does great work. They only use White Hat and Natural and organic SEO tactics which is what everyone should be using, When we met them about a month ago they told us everything we needed to know, like how much it was going to cost, the time it would take to rank on page 1, what the risks were to SEO, and much more. We were referred to them by a friend of ours, and they got their site to page 1 in a month, all of the keywords they paid for they ranked. It is always great to find out about a company by word of mouth, since that is actually someone who has used their services before and can attest to what they can or can not do. When it comes to SEO their are a lot of shady people and companies out there that will just take your money and forget about you. This company, NaturalSEOJuice is not one of those. They are by far the most professional, friendly, informative, knowledgeable, honest, and all around good people. We have great improvement so far, and it has only been about a month. The 1st week they did keyword research, which they then came back with some great ideas. Then they did the on-page optimization, which is what boosted out site the first few pages. Now they are working on building links, slow and steady is what they say. We really do trust whatever they tell us, as they have not led us down any bad roads so far. With all the information they have given us, we trust them to handle or change anything they want on our site. I would have to say that using these guys has been the best decision we have made so far. I really can not wait for the link building to pick up some pace, because we all know that links are what rives rankings. IT is not killer content. People, stop saying that “”content is king””, it is not. It can not be. If you wait for people to naturally link to your site, you will die waiting. That is a promise. We hope that you get some good information out of this post, you should always be careful when hiring a Marketing or Advertising Company. There are some really bad people out hire today. Check out these guys we have been ranting about here right now when you are done reading this. We know that you will be overly satisfied with their work, as we are. They will be super helpful, and answer whatever questions you have. Remember, you only want a White-hat Firm, that uses natural / Organic Ranking Methods to work on your site. This post was mean to help people make a good choice when hiring a SEO Company so please use this information to help you, and we hope you enjoyed it and it made sense to you. Make it a good day!

Hello everyone, just a quick update for you guys. We wanted to give a shout out to SEOjus for their wonderful work they have done in collaborating with NaturalSEOJuice on our site. And actually just recently they won the award for the best seo blog in the World. So be sure to check it out by following the link in the above sentence and you will be happy that you did. And make sure to share the posts in the social world too please.