iPhone Repair Shop In Boca Raton

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I know this is really off topic for this site, but we thought we would share our latest experience that happened the other day. One of our employees dropped their iPhone the other day! The whole screen was cracked, and it was completely broken. It would not turn on at all. So we did some searching on Google and researched the local iphone repair boca raton shops that have websites. We called a few and send emails to some. Most of the places we contacted either were not friendly, had ridiculously high prices, expected us to leave our phone there for over a week, or were just not as helpful as we would of liked. There was one place that we thought did a really good job of explaining everything to us, were very nice, and had great pricing. This place is called iPhone Is Broken, and they are located in Boca Raton Florida. Everything we asked them they answered politely, even the dumb questions. They wee very patient overall and we were very pleased with their service so far. Once we determined that we were going to bring the iPhone there we set up a time to be there. Once we arrived we were greeted very pleasantly. We were told all the details that we needed to know about the phone and repair process. They told us the price and when o come back. We received a email about 3 hours later that the phone was fixed and ready to pick up. So basically it took 3 hours to repair the phone. When we went back to pick up the phone we took a look at it and there were no signs of it even being broken, at any point. They did a awesome job and we could not be any happier. The phone works perfectly, there are no signs of damage, and the experience was not as bad a s we thought it would be. The amount of time we were out of a phone was so small that the owner of it did not even miss it at all. You can find their site here – iphoneisbroken.com and if you say you read about them on this site you will get 10% off the total price of the repair. We hope this helped you out, just in case you have a broken iPhone sitting at home, or if you drop it on the way to work. This post was just something we threw together to help our viewers. Thanks everyone and have a great day from everyone here at 2010 CSSC.

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