Welcome to 2010 CSSC. We appreciate your support over the past few months as we have been creating our new site. The help and feedback has been great, and we appreciate it. Please check back on a daily basis for new content. Thanks again.

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The Best Tax Refund Service Around That We Have Seen

hey everyone and welcome to another review of a great website and business that we have seen and have heard great things about lately. This particular article is about a top of the line Tax Refund Service that is getting lots of attention and great reviews as of late. This company gets your Tax Return done over the phone in 10 minutes, yep only 10 minutes. They are around 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you out with whatever you need regarding your Tax issues. They only take a small fee and it’s taken from the actual refund, they take only $99 in total. They also have a maximum refund guarantee which you have to get the details about from them, as we do not want to give the wrong info about that. They have a very useful free tax calculator on their site so you can get an idea of what you might be getting back. They handle personal taxes and company taxes so you can get it done all from one company. You can feel confident that your returns are being handled by very experienced and qualified tax specialists who have many years in the business. Please keep in mind this service and company is for Australians, not people in the US. As you all probably know, getting your returns done by a professional is imperative because it can mean the difference between a big return and nothing at all. When you use Tax Return 24/7 for your text needs you can be sure that you are getting the best service around and they will do whatever they can to get you the highest return possible.

Tax Return 24/7 is by far Australia’s leading Tax Refund Service and that you can take to the bank. We have spoken to many people who have used their service and every single person had only excellent things to say about them. Also, remember we only do write ups of companies that we have personally done business with or a close friend or family has done business with. This means that whatever we have said about this tax return service is based on our personal experience or someone we know has used them very recently. If you are looking for a new tax refund company then we highly suggest you check these guys out. You will not be disappointed at all and that we can say confidently. Their website which you can find here https://www.taxreturn247.com.au has tons of useful information and tool that you can use to help with anything and everything in regards to tax’s. Please make sure to do your own due diligence when choosing any type of service that has to do with you personal income. You should always research or search for the company online to make sure they are legitimate and are not a scam. Also make sure there are not multiple people complaining on the local consumer affair website. You might also want to check the BBB or whatever there is in your state or country that is reliable and trustworthy. That is it for today’s post, please check out Tax Return 24/7 for all of your tax return needs in the future.



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A Site Just Posted A Great Sub Ohm Tank Review

Afternoon, this is going to be a really quick post about a site that has written an excellent review on one of the latest vape products that have hit the shelves, online and in stores. The Best Vape which is one of the leading website for vape reviews just posted their TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank Review and I know a lot of people will be reading it soon. The new SMOK Tank has been generating a lot of buzz lately and only a few people around the US have it in their hands. The main people who currently have the tank are the YouTube reviewers of course. There have been lots of video reviews of this tank popping up over the past week or so. As far as online shops and B&M’s go, there are only about 5 that currently have it in stock. Many people are saying that it’s a fantastic tank and some people are not that thrilled. In our opinion the tank is for people who love lots of clouds, but it’s not the best for the flavor chasers out there. The guys over at The Best Vape agree with me on that, so I know I am not going crazy. If you like reading reviews of vape products that are about to be release then we suggest you check out their site often and sign up for their email list as well. That way you will be notified when they post new reviews or about specials and deals that shops are having that you definitely do not want to miss. We check their site daily because we know that when they do write a new article or review that it is going to be excellently written, completely honest, and to the point. SO we said it was going to be really quick and we kept that promise. This post is over, make sure to have a great day. Keep checking back for more reviews of websites and business’s.

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Getting Your Bathtub Refinished by Resurfacing Tub

Good morning everyone, thank you again for being such loyal readers of our business reviews. Today we are doing a quick introduction of a local service business that does bathtub refinishing also knows as bathtub resurfacing. This company is a one or two man show and they happen to do excellent work. The company is called Resurfacing Tub and they are based out of Coral Springs Florida, but they do most of their work in Fort Lauderdale. We met the owner about a year ago when we had some tubs that needed work and they came out to clean and fix them up. Since first meeting them we have hired and used them over five times so far and every time they do a excellent job, with no errors at all. There is nothing at all bad that we can say about them or their work. We use them every time we buy a property and need to get the bathtubs refinished so they look like they are brand new. They have exceeded our expectations each and every time and we do not say that lightly. Besides their fantastic work, their pricing is very affordable when compared to other local companies and their competitors. I always recommend this company whenever anyone asks who I use to get my tubs resurfaced. These guys will bust their butts to get the job done for you in a timely manner but not by sacrificing the quality of work at all.

If you or anyone you know has some bathtubs that need to be fixed up then please tell them about Resurfacing Tub. They will take care of chips, cracks, fading, or any type of war and tear that you can think of when it comes to bathtubs. You will definitely be satisfied with their work, and that we can say from our experience using them many times.

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The Most Reputable Securities Class Action Law Firm

Hey all, thanks for visiting our site again. Today we are doing a short post about a great company that does amazing work. This company is one of the leaders in Securities Class Action Lawsuits around the world. The have recovered billions of dollars for companies and people just like you and me. They help investors who either bought or sold a companies securities in a period of time knows as the class period, and they lost money as a result of certain violations that were made against securities laws. This could involve omissions or truth, misleading statements, or untrue statements made by a company. The previously mentioned “class” period ends when somebody reveals the full and complete truth to the public. Sometimes the whole process can take a very long time and sometimes they get lucky and it’s resolved rather quickly. This is generally based on the law firms involved and the companies that have contributed to the violations. Either way, eventually Liquid Claims gets the job done and gets a huge settlement. If it were me and I needed a Firm to represent me or my company regarding Securities laws I would definitely hire the company Liquid Claims, based on the previous cases they have won and the amount of the settlements they have gotten for their clients in the past. If you do hire them you can be sure they they will work as long and as hard they have to in order to win the case and make you happy. They have helped so many people and companies that it is hard to keep up with their success stories. You can check out their site to see some of the previous settlements they have gotten for their clients. They have someone standing by to help you and guide you though the initial process and they will always be there to hold your hand, regardless what the issue is.

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The Most Professional Car Locksmith In West Palm Beach

Today I am going to write a small reviews about a great local Locksmith Company that does really great work, shows up on time or early, does not overcharge, and gets the job done right on the first try. They are probably the best Car Locksmith West Palm Beach around and they have lots of people writing great reviews about them all the time. They have been around for a long time and know exactly what the customer wants and how to get that done the right way. If you are ever in need of a Car Locksmith or regular locksmith then I highly suggest checking out these guys called 1st Locksmith, you can not go wrong if you hire them to get the job done. We used them a few weeks ago and it was an overall great experience to say the least. We called them up to get a quick quote and they had the best price out of 4 different companies. We agreed on the price and told them to come on out, and they were there about 20 minutes later, which is really quick when taking into consideration the amount of time normal locksmith companies take to arrive on a job. Then it only took the guy about 5 minutes to get the car door unlocked, which is pretty good timing I would say. Then we paid the guy and that was it. The whole ordeal from the first phone call to the time we paid the guy was about 25-30 minutes. That’s pretty good timing if I do say so, and we were very satisfied with the quality of work and attitude of the locksmith that came out. All in all I would give these guys the highest rating possible. There is nothing bad I have to say about them, and I know many people feel the same way based on the reviews I have read on the internet about them. You can check out their website via the link I placed above, or fill out the quick contact form here – http://www.1st-locksmith.com/contact-us.html to get more information about the work they do and the prices they charge. Go ahead and give them a call now or write down their info for future use, because you never know when you will get yourself locked out. That is it for this small local business review, have a good day all of you loyal visitors.

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This Site Writes Great Sub Ohm Tank Reviews

The site we are going to talk about today does a great job of testing, writing, and reviewing all of the different Vape Gear that has flooded the market lately. It seems as though every few days another tank, mod, or juice has come out and the marketing that is being done is always top notch. These companies really know how to hit a nerve with their targets and they are doing a great job fulfilling the market demand. The site The Best Vape recently wrote a review about the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank and they really hit the nail on the head with this one. They did rigorous testing that took about 4 weeks and then wrote their review. They don’t write reviews like every other site and You Tube Reviews out there. They usually get the stuff in the mail and shoot a video of the box and packaging, and then they just test it out really quickly for their followers. However, you can not really gauge a product by using it for a few minutes, it just doesn’t work like that. You need ample amount of time to test it using different scenarios, different equipment, and more than one user. The site we are writing about today does all of that plus more, so you can easily say that they write the best reviews in the Vape space. It is not hard to open up a product, turn on a video camera, and then talk about it. IT is much harder to run multiple tests, taking quite a bit of time to run these tests and then writing full reviews on a website. That is one of the reasons why we thoroughly support this site and do our best to tell everyone we know who is into Vaping about them.

You can check out their work in progress here https://thebestvape.com just to see what the site is about. They are currently in the process of redesigning the site so there is not much for you to see, but you can see the site live and read the Arctic Review that they were kind enough to leave online. That is pretty much it for this short review, have a great weekend ok.

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The Best Manhattan Moving Companies

So today I am going to tell you about a moving company in Manhattan that did a fantastic job for me recently. I found out that the person I was renting a house from had decided to sell the house, without me even knowing. I had 2 months to find a new place, which was not much time given how busy I am and the limited amount of free time I have. So once I found a good place to live, I needed to find a good moving company. I knew that their were tons of manhattan moving companies out there and I just needed to find the best one. I started to look around and asked some friends who they would recommend, and got a few names from that. I called those companies and set up appointments for them to come out and and give me some free quotes. Once that was done and I knew who I was dealing with, I had to eliminate all but one of them off the list. I did some online research and checked out the companies, read the reviews, and checked the BBB for complaints. There was only one company that passed that and I was pretty sure I was going to use that company. I called them the next day and told them that I wanted to use their service and asked what the next step was. They said that they would email me the quote and that I needed to review it, sign it, and send it back. I did all that and then they said I needed to give them the exact date of the move. I did that and everything was set up. I was very relieved at this point, and it proved to be not as stressful as I thought it was going to be. Moving day came and they arrived on time and started to pack everything up in their moving truck. It only took them a hour and a half to load it all up and we were off to the new place. It took 20 minutes to drive there and we both got there at the same time. They started to unload everything based on where I told them the stuff needed to go. This took them about an hour and that was it, pretty much done. I evaluated everything to make sure nothing was broken and it all was in good shape. It looked good from the walk thru, and I signed the final papers and paid them the service fee. I also tipped them 20% of the total move. The moving process was complete. It only took about 12 hours from start to finish and there were no issues at all throughout the whole move. I was completely satisfied with their work and do highly recommend them for anyone who needs a moving company that lives in the NYC area.

You can find this companies information and pricing on their website if you are interested in their services or are just looking for a free quote. You will be very pleased with their work, that we promise. Just know that we are not getting compensated for writing this and are in no way affiliated with their company.

Just a quick note today, we just used this awesome Manhattan Moving Company again this past weekend and they did another fantastic job for us. We hired them to move one of our offices to another building just a few streets away. They came right out and got it done so quick we are still shocked at the time it took. We firmly believe that this moving company is the best in the biz, and we are dead serious about this claim. We literally just called them up the day before and they set everything up within a few minutes. They even gave us a quick quote over the phone based on  the amount of furniture, rooms, and supplies we would be moving. We even sent them some pictures for them to get a better idea of what they would be moving. They came out the following day and got right down to it. It took them about an hour to move everything into the moving van, about 10 minutes to drive to the new location, and about an hour to unpack everything and put it in the correct spot. The whole thing took about 2 1/2 hours and they charged exactly what they quotes us over the phone, which is rare in the moving industry. This is just another example of how great they are. That is all I wanted to add to this review. Thanks and have a great weekend.

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Check Out The Latest & Greatest Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Ok listen up everyone, we just want to say sorry for not posting anything in a long time, since March or 2014. Now we are back and we should be posting new reviews and recommendations all the time. Today I am going to talk about a great rhinoplasty boca raton surgeon that does fantastic work all the time, has really affordable rates, is very knowledgeable, and an all around good guy. You do need to do your research before just hiring any doctor that you find, you want to make sure they are a right fit for who you are and what exactly you want. Not all surgeons will be right for you. Some of the things you might want to ask during your free consultation are; what school did you go to, how long have you been doing Rhinoplasty Surgery/Nose Jobs, do they have a portfolio of before and after pictures of previous clients, and how their payment system works. Do you have to pay in full or is their financing, things like that are very important and should be included in your initial questioning with the doctor. I have been talking to a few friends of mine and asked them about their Rhinoplasty Procedure, and some of them even used the same Surgeon in the Boca Raton area. I will reveal who that is and how they found them later on in this article. Another thing that you want to ask about is what exactly the procedure entails, how long is the recovery period, what types of medication they use, what will they prescribe after, and is anything covered under your insurance. Rhinoplasty Surgery is not a one day process. These surgeons are doing a medium-major surgery to either completely redo your nose or to revise some part of it. One of the main reasons for writing this post is to inform consumers about the whole process and reveal a great surgeon in Boca Raton.

There is a great website that has all types of information about Surgeons, Surgery, and anything related to the medical industry. If you are at all interested in this topic you should definitely check out the following awesome website Find The Best Surgeons for lots more information about this. You can read about pretty much anything in the world related to Surgery on that site. For those of you that are on the fence about going thru the Nose Job procedure then I would heavily suggest checking out some of the popular websites that are dedicated to the Rhinoplasty business. You can also check out the dedicated, popular, & official Rhinoplasty Wikipedia page here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhinoplasty where you can of course get more information about this subject. I hope this was a semi-informative post that was useful to a fewof you and if you are contemplating getting this surgery get all the facts before starting and prepare yourself properly so you are ready when the time is right for you to get it done.

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Trying To Get The Best High PR Backlinks?

Are you trying to get the very best high pr backlinks for your site? If you are then I have the perfect company for you to get in touch with. I am in way affiliates with these guys, but I have used them in the past and they have access to the best and most powerful high pr backlinks you could ever want. I had contacted them a few months ago because I had heard some good things about them from a friend of mine. They seemed to know what they were talking about and had the resources to provide exactly what I needed. So I went ahead and paid them and just sat back and waited. Within a few days I checked my favorite link analysis site and saw some links they had built. They were absolutely amazing, very powerful, all contextual, and on the actual PR that I had wanted. I was very happy with their work and so I ordered more from them. They provided excellent service over and over again and from that point on I knew who to go to for these powerful links when I needed them. So I thought I would write this post today telling you about how I get these powerful high authority links and where I get them. I really ask you not to share this information with anyone, as the more the people that know the less potent the service is. I have achieved many page 1 results with what I have gotten from this company, so I know for a fact that the links work and work really good. If you know what you are doing and do not completely spam and ruin the site, you can be very successful online if you do the right thing. Trust me, I have messed up a few sites of my own just be doing stupid stuff and over thinking everything. Just keep it simple, build high quality links, and use very diverse anchor text, and you will be ok. There is not much more to it then that. The content you have does not matter, sorry if people have brainwashed you, as everyone in the world says “”content is king””, but I can show you many of sites that have no content at all and they still rank on page 1 for some pretty competitive kw’s. If you are looking for some great links then go ahead and check out this website premiumseojuice.com and you will be very happy with what you get and the service you receive. If you mention seeing this post you might get a few bucks discount, but no promises about that.

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Car Window Tint Shop Boca Raton

If your looking for the best place to go for window tint in the Boca Raton are, then we highly recommend using Boca Tint N Wraps for this. Over the past few weeks I and my friends have brought them quite a few cars to tint, and we came to the conclusion that they are the best car window tint boca raton shop out there right now. Their shop is huge and immaculate, cleaned every day by an employee. They are super friendly, and take their time to answer all your questions in full. Their prices are very competitive and they always have specials or promotions going on that you can take advantage of. The turn around depends on how busy they are at the time, but generally speaking, they have your car in and out in a few hours. In addition, they only use the best films available on the market. This includes 3M, Oracle, Llumar, SunTek, and many more. And all of their window tint comes with some type of warranty, whether it be 1 year or 3 years. All of the staff is highly trained and experienced in all types of tint application. If you are not satisfied with the job, they will re-do it until you are.

This shop also specializes in Custom Car Wraps, Car Graphics, Commercial Vehicle Wraps, Home Window Tinting, and much more. They are becoming very popular in the area, and there is a buzz about them right now. They just opened a very big new shop right off of Glades Rd, minutes from I-95, so it is convenient for everyone. Every week they have some type of special or promotion, which you can find on their site easily & quickly on the specials and promotions page here Boca Tint N Wraps and just click on Promotions on the top menu. We did not get paid for this review, and there was no compensation given to write this, we just found their Services to be exceptional and thought they were worthy of this post. So, if you need your windows tinted, car wrap, or Graphics designed for your auto, go check out their shop or site now for more information.


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New Info Today

Today we found out some really great info. We wont let you in on all the details yet, but we will shortly. There are going to be some exciting things coming to life here at 2010CSSC. Just keep checking back and you shall see. We have seojus helping us out and you can be sure they will get the job done, and right the first time. We have experienced a few difficulties lately, but those are now behind us. We are now focusing on the design and marketing phase here. We have all the content that the site needs, and we will be adding that a little bit each day. We really don’t want to post everything at once, because we want people to absorb what they read and not be overwhelmed with data.As for the design, we have WebRaven and seojus to help us out. you will see some changes coming up, and we hope everyone likes it. Our Internet marketing goals are high, and we believe that SEOjus can achieve these for us. Both in SEO and PPC Campaigns. From what we can see, they are doing a really great job so far. They have increase our traffic by 200% so far and it has only been a few weeks. They are increasing our organic search rankings daily, with no decrease at all. We are thrilled with the service they have shown so far, and the sky is the limit with them. Initially we started with a little PPC campaign, not much, but enough to get some traffic our way. We have decreased that campaign a little as our natural seo is kicking in and moving up daily. Pretty soon we will not need that PPC deal anymore. We think it will be another few weeks for that, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that. We plan to have SEOjus work for us on a full time basis, for as long as we are around. That should be forever, hopefully 😉

As we have said before, we have some pretty cool things in the works. Some new code, new designs, new technology, new everything. That we will be updating to the site once or twice a week. Our info here is free to use if you wish, no strings attached. You can check out our Terms page for more info on that topic. We do appreciate you mentioning us if you do use our data, however it is not mandatory. It would be appreciated though. So that’s about it for now, stay tuned for some fantastic stuff coming up really soon. If you are looking for a awesome SEO Team then check out this seo delray beach company for more information. We promise that you will like them and be completely satisfied with their work. And if you want a super duper price from them, then mention seeing them on this site. Ok, take care and see you soon!

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We Have Had This Site For A Long Time

So it’s a little obvious, but for the heck of it, let’s go over what this site is about. CSS, duh! But seriously, we want to be your go to for anything related to Web Design and Coding. Specifically CSS. Now we might not be the best, or  most well known, but we just want to make our readers happy. that means giving you the best possible information we can. That is our 1st goal. We of course have other purposes for this site, but we will release those when they are more solid. Some things we will be focusing on are: CSS Fundamentals, CSS Design, CSS and SEO, HTML, and all the other coding systems. Also, CSS and WordPress and how learning it can benefit your WP sites. If there is anything that you would want to know or learn, please feel free to send us a message through our contact page, or leave a comment somewhere on the site. We will be monitoring all emails and messages, so you can be sure that you will get a reply. This site is going to be updated on a daily basis, so keep coming back to check out what is new here. Our friends over at SEOjus are doing the SEO for us, and they definitely are the best seo boca raton company out there.

Anyways, back to the main topic. We want to give you the best possible information that we can, which means that we have a dedicated staff here that are Professional Web Developers, and they really know there stuff. they will be doing posts every day, as well as adding content to our special page, that we have not named yet, but it will be super, and will have some awesome stuff there. The page will have demos of the latest and greatest tricks related to CSS and Web Design. Also, there will be numerous downloads that you can take advantage of too. These can be applied to your current or future sites, with no copyright laws to worry about. Anything you get off of this site can be used freely, and with no strings attached. Isn’t that great? Of course it is. Most resource sites out there make you pay a fee to use their stuff, but not us! Well that is it for this post. Keep coming back!!

And if you really want to knock the socks off your competitors then you need to hire these guys to have your site dominating the first page for your targeted keywords. They are the leaders in local seo and they know exactly what they are doing to get you to the top.


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What Is CSS

Most of you already know, but CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.  It is a style sheet language that controls the appearance and formatting of whatever markup is being used. It is applied to this markup language to change the style of web pages that are written in HTML and XHTML. It can be applied to any type of XML document though. It can edit the layout, font, text, color, and overall appearance of these web pages. It give much more flexibility and adds a lot of control over what the output will be on the site. Most of the time there will be a link in the HTML to the external CSS Style Sheet, which reduces the code in the HTML page. For more detailed information on CSS please visit this CSS Wikipedia page.

A CSS rule has two main parts: a selector and a declaration. The selector is the item you want to edit or modify. The declaration consists of a property and a value. The property is the style and the value is what your changing it to. Here is a example.

body {background-color:red;}

body = selector | background-color = property | red = value

The result of this would be: the background color of the body would be red

Pretty easy right? Well this is an example of a fairly simple line of CSS Code. there are much more complex ones that we will address later. But we wanted to just show you what a basic line of CSS would look like.

Now if you need to do some quick Internet marketing then you are reading the right post. There are two companies that we feel are the best in the business. These are SEOjus and NaturalSEOJuice which are both located in Florida. However they do services companies in all the US States. And they both specialize in SEO and Local SEO so you can’t go wrong with either of these cream of the crop firms. They both have a phenomenal Local SEO Service Package and they both have a hundred percent success rate at ranking sites. You should really check out the Google Local SEO that they provide because you can not go wrong with with either of these companies for this service.

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Web Design And CSS

As most of you know, CSS is very important to anyone who creates and designs websites. This knowledge is very valuable, and should not be underestimated at all. We know of 1 really good web design company, it’s located in St. Augustin Florida. they do great work, and have low prices. SO if your in the Florida area, and need a design company, check out this web design st augustine company. They are called WebRaven, and the team there is really great. They know what they are doing, and are fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and all other codes. Check them out, take our recommendation and use WebRaven if you need a site worked on. We have used them numerous times and are very satisfied with all of their work. Actually, we could not be happier. Finding a good web designer can be a little rough, there are millions of companies and freelancers out there that it can be overwhelming to say the least. So we thought that a recommendation from us would help you out a little bit. Most of the time it’s best to choose a local company that you can actually meet with. Using one of the huge fortune 500 web design firm can be very frustrating. you do not get personalized service, you most likely do not have direct access to anyone specific, and your going to just be a number to them. When you hire a local web design company you are getting personalized service, a specific account manager, and you get to meet them face to face. Do not underestimate hiring a local company. Do not make the mistake that millions of other people and companies made. Either search for web design companies in your are, or use WebRaven for your next project. Back to CSS, as we say here, CSS is very important in any web site, and using it is even more important. the features and tricks that can be applied using this are endless and the benefits are fantastic. Here is another site that has some great css info that you can learn. By doing some research you can find some really great tips and tricks that can be applied to any site.  If your looking to enhance your site, add some cool functions, make it look a lot better, or just re create your previous site, then I highly recommend trying to learn some CSS and adding ti to your toolbox. There are some really cool things that you can do, and some amazing things at that. Knowing the basics of any code can really help out when creating a new site. Basic HTML can be really helpful too. Even if your using a CMS like WordPress or Drupal, these codes can make your site a million time better. We hope you enjoyed this article and got something out of it. Feel free to leave a comment or send us a message through the contact form.

Update 4.19.13

We have been working very hard at getting more info up live for everyone, but we did have a little hiccup. Little I said, and it should be fixed shortly. Thank god we have seojus.com on out team. they were able to fix everything that happened, which were some pretty bad server and web problems. We are now more confident then ever that SEOjus is a fully functional and well rounded Internet Marketing and SEO company. They are located in Florida and their FLorida SEO Services are premium, to say the least.


You also might want to check out this top of the line seo company that has the best local seo program in the United States. This we know because we use them and they have gotten us to the top for everything we wanted them to.

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Some Things You Can Do With CSS

There are countless things that can be done using CSS. We are going to list a few of those things here:

Navigation, Tabs, Tables, Bar Graphs, Checkboxes, Radio Boxes, Images, Drop Caps, Shadowing, Opacity, Hover Effects, Curves, Diagrams, Pre-Load Images, Pop Ups, Image Maps, Link thumbnails, Image Pop Ups, Lists, Un-Ordered Lists, Ordered Lists, Forms, Contact Forms, Teaser Boxes, Submit Buttons, Bullets, Custom Bullets, Zooming, Rating System, Image Floating, Text Wrapping, Sidenots, Image Captions, and ther are so many more. These are just a few of the things that can be done. It’s limitless. Hope you like this post!


Update: Thanks everyone for their continued support. It is noticed and greatly appreciated. So what is going on with us? Well we recently hired the best & most experienced local seo company in the world. They have been working for about a month and a half and they worked a miracle so far. They brought us back to life and we are so happy. They got us page 1 rankings for about 15 words so far and remember it has only been just over a month, Their skills are out of this world and we now know why they are the best local seo company out there right now. We would like to publicly thanks NaturalSEOJuice.com for their hard work and successful SEO Campaign so far. They are by far the best SEO Company in the US and we are appreciative to have them on our team. If anyone is looking for a team of seo experts then look no further, these guys are your team of experts.

If your in the Boca Raton area then you can really benefit from a good, professional, well known, reputable, top notch boca raton seo company on your side. These guys are the best at what they do and the proof is in the pudding. Check out their site now for more information about their awesome seo services.

Also make sure to check out this awesome site called SEOjus that specializes in SEO and Local SEO. They also have a fantastic SEO Blog for you to read.

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The SEO Company We Chose To Use

Everyone know that there are so many SEO Companies out there it’s hard to choose which one you want to use. Luckily for us, we were told about a really really Florida SEO Company that does great work. They only use White Hat and Natural and organic SEO tactics which is what everyone should be using, When we met them about a month ago they told us everything we needed to know, like how much it was going to cost, the time it would take to rank on page 1, what the risks were to SEO, and much more. We were referred to them by a friend of ours, and they got their site to page 1 in a month, all of the keywords they paid for they ranked. It is always great to find out about a company by word of mouth, since that is actually someone who has used their services before and can attest to what they can or can not do. When it comes to SEO their are a lot of shady people and companies out there that will just take your money and forget about you. This company, NaturalSEOJuice is not one of those. They are by far the most professional, friendly, informative, knowledgeable, honest, and all around good people. We have great improvement so far, and it has only been about a month. The 1st week they did keyword research, which they then came back with some great ideas. Then they did the on-page optimization, which is what boosted out site the first few pages. Now they are working on building links, slow and steady is what they say. We really do trust whatever they tell us, as they have not led us down any bad roads so far. With all the information they have given us, we trust them to handle or change anything they want on our site. I would have to say that using these guys has been the best decision we have made so far. I really can not wait for the link building to pick up some pace, because we all know that links are what rives rankings. IT is not killer content. People, stop saying that “”content is king””, it is not. It can not be. If you wait for people to naturally link to your site, you will die waiting. That is a promise. We hope that you get some good information out of this post, you should always be careful when hiring a Marketing or Advertising Company. There are some really bad people out hire today. Check out these guys we have been ranting about here naturalseojuice.com right now when you are done reading this. We know that you will be overly satisfied with their work, as we are. They will be super helpful, and answer whatever questions you have. Remember, you only want a White-hat Firm, that uses natural / Organic Ranking Methods to work on your site. This post was mean to help people make a good choice when hiring a SEO Company so please use this information to help you, and we hope you enjoyed it and it made sense to you. Make it a good day!

Hello everyone, just a quick update for you guys. We wanted to give a shout out to SEOjus for their wonderful work they have done in collaborating with NaturalSEOJuice on our site. And actually just recently they won the award for the best seo blog in the World. So be sure to check it out by following the link in the above sentence and you will be happy that you did. And make sure to share the posts in the social world too please.

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iPhone Repair Shop In Boca Raton

I know this is really off topic for this site, but we thought we would share our latest experience that happened the other day. One of our employees dropped their iPhone the other day! The whole screen was cracked, and it was completely broken. It would not turn on at all. So we did some searching on Google and researched the local iphone repair boca raton shops that have websites. We called a few and send emails to some. Most of the places we contacted either were not friendly, had ridiculously high prices, expected us to leave our phone there for over a week, or were just not as helpful as we would of liked. There was one place that we thought did a really good job of explaining everything to us, were very nice, and had great pricing. This place is called iPhone Is Broken, and they are located in Boca Raton Florida. Everything we asked them they answered politely, even the dumb questions. They wee very patient overall and we were very pleased with their service so far. Once we determined that we were going to bring the iPhone there we set up a time to be there. Once we arrived we were greeted very pleasantly. We were told all the details that we needed to know about the phone and repair process. They told us the price and when o come back. We received a email about 3 hours later that the phone was fixed and ready to pick up. So basically it took 3 hours to repair the phone. When we went back to pick up the phone we took a look at it and there were no signs of it even being broken, at any point. They did a awesome job and we could not be any happier. The phone works perfectly, there are no signs of damage, and the experience was not as bad a s we thought it would be. The amount of time we were out of a phone was so small that the owner of it did not even miss it at all. You can find their site here – iphoneisbroken.com and if you say you read about them on this site you will get 10% off the total price of the repair. We hope this helped you out, just in case you have a broken iPhone sitting at home, or if you drop it on the way to work. This post was just something we threw together to help our viewers. Thanks everyone and have a great day from everyone here at 2010 CSSC.

Update: Special thanks to SEOjus for updating their Blog with up to date info about SEO, Local SEO, and Link Building tactics. We think they have the best SEO Blog by far out there and with all those garbage blogs that just copy everyone else, what out for this one.

You could also check out this excellent seo company called NaturalSEOJuice.com that recently got the title for having the best seo services and for being the best local seo company in the world to date.

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